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  • Industrial and Retail Concrete Floor Joint Fillers and Repair Products

    “Known by the Floors We Protect” for More than 40 Years
  • Custom Colored Floor Joint Fillers and Repair Materials

    A complete line of standard and custom colored materials to meet your project’s needs
  • Industrial Concrete Floor Repair Solutions

    Highest quality repair materials and expert support ensure long-lasting repair solutions
  • Stained/Polished Concrete Floor Remodel and Repair

    Wide selection of colored repair materials to expertly restore existing concrete floors
  • Trainings & Events

Mailing address
P.O. Box 2217
Concord, NH 03302
Physical Address
807 Route 3-A
Bow, NH 03304

Regional Offices
Portland, OR
Clayton, NC
St. Louis, MO
Ottawa, IL

Toll Free: 1-800-223-MM80

Office: 603-224-6122

Fax: 603-224-6020

E-Mail: info@metzgermcguire.com

 Our industrial concrete floor repair and maintenance products have been setting the standard in our industry for decades. We have products that will repair cracks, spalls, gouges, missed saw cuts, joint deterioration, and pop outs. Call us for more information or to find a local distributors. 800.223.6680 Metzger McGuire



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