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  • Industrial and Retail Concrete Floor Joint Fillers and Repair Products

    “Known by the Floors We Protect” for More than 40 Years
  • Custom Colored Floor Joint Fillers and Repair Materials

    A complete line of standard and custom colored materials to meet your project’s needs
  • Industrial Concrete Floor Repair Solutions

    Highest quality repair materials and expert support ensure long-lasting repair solutions
  • Stained/Polished Concrete Floor Remodel and Repair

    Wide selection of colored repair materials to expertly restore existing concrete floors
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Our Products

For more than 40 years Metzger/McGuire has been a leading manufacturer of industrial concrete floor joint fillers and repair products.

From our MM-80 Heavy Duty, Semi-Rigid Epoxy Joint Filler and Spal-Pro series of rapid set polyurea joint fillers to our durable concrete floor repair products you can count on superior quality and technical support when choosing any of our products for your project.

All Metzger/McGuire industrial floor joint fillers and concrete repair products are 100% solids and are complaint with the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental) standards and are acceptable for use in facilities subject to regulation by USA, FDA and CFIA.

Metzger/McGuire Epoxy and Polyurea Joint Filler Comparison Chart

Stabilizer EXP Stabilizer EXP

Spal-Pro Stabilizer EXP is a 100% solids, two component, high-density hydrophobic polyurethane expanding foam for use in underslab stabilization of deflecting/rocking concrete floor panels. Spal-Pro Stabilizer EXP allows for return to service in 60 minutes or less.


SPF is a water based single component film forming liquid intended for use in the protection of concrete slab surfaces against staining which can result from epoxy joint filler overfill. SPF is water soluble and can be easily removed after joint filler installation is completed.

SPF-P will prevent staining in most polyurea fillers

Color Match Products Color Match Products

Metzger/McGuire's Industry Standard Floor Joint Fillers and Concrete Repair Products to provide your customer with surface restoration products manufactured to exacting color match standards.

M-Flush M-Flush

M-Flush is a voc-free single component polymer intended for use in cleaning and maintaining dual component pumps used for the installation of joint fillers. M-Flush can be used for flushing polyurethanes, polyureas and polyurethanes from pump equipment and parts.

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